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Write for UsWe are constantly looking for new people to write content for our website. Those who are interested in writing for us will need to keep in mind that we have high standards for the quality of the content we publish.

At www.lovedignity.com, we have a reputation for quality articles on love, dating, and relationships. We regularly publish new content that includes advice and tips on dating, relationships, love, and marriage. You will also find reviews for sites and guides on dating and relationships. We accept all different sorts of content, provided that it is well-written and relevant to our website.

Why Write for Us?

You will quickly find that there are a number of reasons to consider writing content for our website, including the fact that we get hundreds of thousands of pageviews and tens of thousands of unique views each day. Our website has many regular visitors/readers who come to read our content on a daily basis. If you want your content to get noticed while making money in the process, we highly recommend that you consider joining our staff of writers.

While it’s true that we do not allow just anyone to write content for our website, we are very open to new writers with a fresh perspective all the time.

Our Content

A majority of the content that we offer on our website consists of tips and guides with the goal of providing the reader with some sort of advice when it comes to dating, relationships, or marriage. All of the content that is posted on our website is first carefully reviewed by our staff to ensure that it meets our own quality standards. We have earned a reputation as being a dating and relationship advice authority on the internet precisely because we only publish quality content that is both well-written and informative.

Quality Standards

Anyone who wants to write for us must have their content pass our quality check before it can actually be published. We publish new articles on our website regularly, which is yet another reason why we are so well-known as an authority on this particular topic. Content that is submitted to us must also be highly creative and wholly original.

The advice and articles we post on our website is known for being unique, so we therefore require those who write for us to follow suit. All articles that are written for our website must be at least 1000 words long and contain absolutely no commercial links.

After you have submitted the content you want published on our website, we must carefully review it in order to determine whether or not it meets our standards. We get a lot of submissions for posts on a regular basis, so please be patient while we go through this process. Our staff always makes an effort to reply to all submissions in a timely manner. It is important that you understand that we do not allow just anyone to write content for us though.

There is a certain style of writing that we are looking for with our writers, which means that not everyone makes the cut. A lot of people wish to write for our website because of the fact that we are an authority on this topic, but we are very selective about the content we accept. We have been able to cultivate such a prestigious reputation for ourselves because of the fact that we have the highest quality standards for our content.

What you can Write About

There are a wide range of topics that you can write on for us, including tips about dating, advice for married couples, and much more. We encourage you to look through some of the different articles published on our website to get a better idea as to what sort of content you should be writing for us. We definitely encourage creativity in those who write for us. There are sections on our website for dating, relationship, love, marriage, reviews and more.

The content that you write for our website should be completely relevant to the subject. Our content is generally targeted at people who are either looking to date or being in a relationship, as well as those who are already dating or married and need advice for certain issues. There is also content with general information about dating, marriage, and relationships on our website that you can use for inspiration.

Every single person who writes for LoveDignity.com must come up with original ideas that are presented in an entertaining and coherent way that our visitors will enjoy reading. We hold our writers to the very highest standards, insisting that they continually come up with original ideas for content to publish. All content should appeal to the demographics of our readership.

Topics We are Most Interested in

The sort of content that we are most interested in relates to advice for married couples as well as those who are currently dating. We also publish articles that give sexual advice to both men and women. You will also find quite a bit of content on our website directed towards people who are interested in dating and needs tips or advice to find someone. We typically like to see content that can be applied to both men and women, though we also encourage articles that are written specifically for one gender in particular.

LoveDignity.com’s Style of Content

When you take the time to look at some of the different content on our website, you will notice that most of the articles we publish have a similar style of writing as well as formatting. Those who write for us should make a point of using multiple headings in their articles, as well as numbered lists and bullet points when appropriate. We find that this style of formatting engages the reader and keeps them interested.

The titles of the articles written for our website should be relevant to the content, concise, and interesting. These titles should get the attention of our visitors with interesting language that also reflects what the articles are actually about. All articles should be written with a second-person perspective, using words like “you and your,” addressing the reader directly.

Tips for Writing Content for Us

There are some tips that you might find beneficial when it comes to writing for us, such as:

  • Always try to keep the reader engaged and interested while providing them with actual information and/or advice that they can use in their daily lives.
  • Write on topics that are well-suited to a young demographic.
  • Try to keep it simple while still offering unique insight and information to the read.
  • Offer practical dating/relationship/marriage advice or tips in the articles you write.
  • Address the reader directly so that the article reads more like a conversation.

When you keep these tips in mind you will most likely find it much easier to write content that we will want to publish. Because we are so particular about the content we publish, it is important that you keep all of these things in mind.

Our Rights

It is important to keep in mind that we retain the rights to all of the content that is posted on our website, which means that you will not be able to post any articles you write for us on your blog. Google has penalized us in the past for this sort of thing, so it is a strict rule that we are very serious about. If you are planning on writing for us, you will not be able to publish the content anywhere else.

We also reserve the right to edit any content that you publish on our website. If we feel as though something about the article you write for us needs to be changed or omitted, we will do so at our discretion. While it is true that we do not always edit the content that is submitted to us, it is something we will do if we feel it is necessary. We are very particular about the content that is posted on our site, which is why we sometimes feel the need to change certain things in articles that are submitted to us by our writers.

Submitting Content

We will provide you with a template for submitting all content to our website. Submitting articles to our site is a simple and easy process that you shouldn’t have any problems with at all. It will only take a matter of minutes for you to publish the articles you have written to our website, but it is important that you check it for any mistakes before submitting.

Contact Us

If you are interested in writing for our website, we would love to hear from you. Please include the content you have written so we can review it. It is important to understand that our staff is very busy, so it might take us a little while before we can get back to you about your request to write for us. We always make an effort to respond to writing requests as quickly as possible.