How To Write A Love Letter From The Heart

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A love letter is a beautiful way to express your feelings to your lover, but if done without “heart” it can quickly become disappointing to both writer and reader. When people express their love in person, they have other tools to make an impact, such as their eyes, touch and other senses, which help them convey their message. But love letters use only words, so how can someone make that deep impact on the object of his/her affection without being there to say it in person? Simply follow these tips on how to write a love letter from the heart, and you will be on your way to the perfect expression of love:

Be Yourself

One error that people make when writing letters is that they appear to become someone else. Though their heart is in the right place, they might try to sound more proper, use different vocabulary or come on too strong – and that leaves the recipient of the letter focusing more on “who is this talking to me?” instead of paying attention to the words. The basic rule, when writing from the heart, is to be yourself and, most of all, you need to sound like you!

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Use Examples

Sometimes people get carried away with putting adjectives in a love letter, but those words can unintentionally sound shallow or unconvincing to the reader. As an example, if someone told you that you are the most giving person they’ve ever met, that’s “nice,” right? But what if, instead, the person wrote, “I’ve never met anyone so giving, like the way you always help seniors by holding the door or offering your assistance, your volunteer work at the homeless shelter and the way you smile at people, even when they appear to be having a bad day, just to spread your love around.” As you can see, specific examples of how this person impacts you, instead of adjectives, is always the best bet.

Be Present By Way Of A Memory

Love letters from the heart are still challenging, given that normally the writer isn’t with the reader when it is being read. One great tip is to include a memory that will automatically put you right next to the object of your affection. The best way to achieve this is to include something in the envelope that was special to you – like the ticket stubs you kept from your first date. Be sure to put a note on the object to remind him/her what it is and why it was so special you held onto it. If you don’t have something to physically place in there, include a favorite memory that you both treasure equally. It can be funny or romantic, but take time to really think about one of your favorite memories you shared together.

Make It Aesthetically Pleasing

You don’t need to be an artist to make a beautiful love letter, but do take time to write it on nice stationary, in your own handwriting (no typing!). Even if your penmanship isn’t the best, seeing your script on paper makes it from the heart, not the printer – it puts you right there in the moment it is being read. If you are artistic, you can make it as creative as you like, just don’t let the art get in the way of the message. The focus should be on your words, not your artistic talents.

With these tips, you’ll have the makings of a memorable love letter from the heart. Be real, be uniquely you and share those important feelings and memories that have meaning, instead of just writing down words. In sum, you bring your words to life.

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  1. Fancy my Love, I woke up Breathing u in me, I live my life for u, Everything I do is for u, I take my hands next to ur hands, Just to say that I LOVE YOU!!! I Continue to Pray for this journey that we have cherished together, Im equal to the task, I know in my heart that I have a Problem of Addiction, Didn’t realize I have been caring this addiction since I met u. Meeting u for the first time in life, I new from that moment that u were my Angel God has prepared for my life. I know ur one touch will melt my heart, Leaves me all asking for more. If this is love, Then it is true. I will keep asking for more. Grace my wife, Cant live my life without u. Know the reason why im in ur heart. I came to stay, I came to live, I came to restore every bit of pieces that was shattered in u. You are an Angel that God sent me to save. Ur children are my children, Although my heart aches to see what uve become. Sweetheart, I will always support and rescue my family bcuz of the duty that God has sent me to do. As ur sitting there reading my heart, Don’t cry for me at all, Cry for our Lord, All ur unanswered prayers are being answered as of now. Maybe not all in once, But trust and believe what he has in store for u and me. The seed he has placed in my heart will be Planted in u. So where ever u go or whatever u do just know that God is with u. Give my love to my kids although I don’t know who or how they are, Im not afraid, God chose me to do his mission cuz of how he shaped me, Im so Bless!! Bcuz he shaped me perfect to fit in ur heart. Stay, Live in me, Don’t sadden ur self, God has many more on its way, I have never in my life cared so much about anybody as I care about u. When God first bless me with this mission, I thought this road will have many temptation along the way. But my faith for him is much stronger then my own strength. I chose this path cuz I know it was my shortcut to heaven is to be with u. Closing part of this Letter, Hug&Kiss my boys for me, And *I LOVE YOU*

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